Kindergarten Curriculum

The Kindergarten programme at SLV International spans three years and is classified into Nursery, Lower Kindergarten (LKG) and Upper Kindergarten (UKG). At SLV International School we believe the purpose of education goes beyond just learning to read, write, memories and pass examinations in order to get a secure job in the future. Learning is all about being a good critical thinker, a good team player and being empathetic towards society. This is the true purpose of education – to awaken the innate potential in every child. It prepares children by extending their learning through group activities and hands-on work through an inquiry-based approach. These crucial years are used to help children improve their self-confidence and build their curiosity. Teachers engage with students to make learning their own. Children from the age of 3 years are welcome to begin their learning adventure at our school.

Activities are conducted in Kindergarten are : Group Activity, Individual Activity, Send Home Activity & Activity Based Education


Language Club

Science Club

Social Club

Math Club

Sports Club

Cultural Club


In the 21st century, we at SLV International follow the revered tradition and have divided our students into Four Houses. Throughout the academic year each house competes in sporting and literary events against the others. SLV International cubs are passionate and devoted to the house they belong to and fiercely compete to win accolades for their house.











Art stimulates imagination. To watch a child completely engrossed in arts is to recognize that the brain is active and driven by aesthetics and emotions, to make meaning, state opinions and represent what matters to them. Our ART curriculum emphasizes on the development of a child’s fine motor skills i.e. the development of a child’s body and mind coordination, that takes place at a particular age when a child is going through the EYP phase. This particular phase plays a very important role in a child’s life since this is where he/she develops the ability to reach out to his/her creative potentials, which is then reflected in the higher grades.


Children should be involved in at least one art form as it contributes to their happiness. And when combined with learning, it must never be ignored. At SLV International we believe dance is an integral aspect of a balanced education programme.

It is a unique way of enhancing creativity, confidence, and expression in a student. We have introduced an entire curriculum on kinesthetic learning to make sure our students get the best chance at improving their body and mind coordination, bringing a balance to their lives. It teaches them flexibility, strength, endurance, balance coordination, etc. both physically and in terms of a life skill.


Karate is a Japanese martial art whose physical aspects seek the development of defensive and counterattacking body movements. The themes of traditional karate training are fighting and self-defense, though its mental and moral aspects target the overall improvement of the individual. Karate is also linked to improved cardiovascular health, stressing the heart and building strength. … Karate will help to improve your confidence and respect. Practicing karate also helps to improve discipline and mental toughness . These mental benefits can then be used in your everyday life.


Music is a significant part of every culture, tradition, religion, etc. Feelings are magnified when expressed through music. SLV International has introduced a curriculum that provides children with an opportunity to learn music and express thoughts in a creative and artistic way.


Trips and Expeditions organized at SLV International are a golden opportunity for the students since this is one chance where the child is exposed to numerous challenges, experiences, and learnings. Not only do they get to explore an entire world in front of them, but moving out of their comfort zone also allows them to learn flexibility and adjustment. The journey to being the brightest minds of the world calls for the right exposure, which is what we are facilitating to our students.

Student Council

Being a part of the Student Council, students engage in learning about democracy and leadership. Here, they learn to give their inputs regarding the functioning of their class and carry out different responsibilities, which helps in making them aware of their contribution towards the school. This is where they learn to take the charge and experience how to make a change or be a part of it.